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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

These are some saved tracks for you to add to your collection.
The intent of the tracks by GB is to give a high excitement rating while keeping the intensity reasonable and nausea as low as possible and still have a small track footprint. All can be built on flat land. Click on the track name to view.

Type Name Download Excitement Intensity Nausea Length Cost Thanks To
Virginia Reel Unplugged unplugged.zip 6.27 6.30 6.57 2,054 ft $4,969 GB
Side-Friction Big Pill bigpill.zip 5.40 6.61 3.70 2,713 ft $9,607 GB
Wooden Splinter splinter.zip 6.51 7.87 4.58 2,047 ft $10,287 GB
Air Powered Vertical Bay Bumps baybumps.zip 7.70 7.90 6.25 1,246 ft $8,301 GB
LIM Launched Shark Bait sharkbait.zip 5.71 7.63 4.72 2,362 ft $10,833 GB
Floorless The King theking.zip 7.09 7.29 3.88 1,985 ft $10,619 GB
Inverted Hairpin Topper topper.zip 6.37 7.25 4.44 1,929 ft $5,811 GB
Splash Boats Splish Splash ssplash.zip 6.58 3.50 1.70 1,929 ft $5,884 GB
Mine Ride Riddler riddler.zip 5.38 4.56 3.64 1,657 ft $6,044 GB
Pterodactyl Coaster Bird Man birdman.zip 7.54 8.39 7.57 3,297 ft $18,302
New Scenarios
Name Download
Doomed Hills doomhill.zip.
Glorious Paradise glorpar1.zip.
Grave Expedition graveexp.zip.
New Scenarios requiring expansion packs.
Name Download
Madman Park madman.zip.
Landscape Files
Huge park(used as basis for Glorious Paradise scenario) glorpar2.zip.
Build That Dream Park
For a saved game(empty Glorious Paradise) with over $1.5 million, download glorpar3.zip.
These are new saved buildings for you to use.
Buildings must be saved with a small coaster.
Just delete the coaster to use the item.
Name, Click To View Download
College college.zip
Launch Pad launchp.zip
Modern Office moffice.zip
Park Place pplace.zip
Stock Exchange stockex.zip
Stone House stoneh.zip